Chef Maggie

Unique personalised experience 

Food is something that everyone remembres ,something that can make or brake your holiday experience , special occasion or corporate event.

Together we will make your vison come to life, include your preferences and compose menu for any occasion using local and seasonal ingredients.

Vegetables are the heart of my cooking with the twist of herbs and spices from all over the world. Creating harmonious, original and gourmet propositions.


I see cooking as form of expression and the way of sharing myself with the world. Infinite variations and combinations of flavors in order to sublime your culinary experience.


Black radish

Privat chef 

I imagine cooking as sharing a vibe, a rhythm that resonates in everyone. It is a space of infinite and tasty discoveries, a way to sublime your most beautiful moments.

Salmon confit pea pure & lemon ginger fennel

Special occasions

Romantic meal for two, family gathering or party with friends, I create a cuisine that combines balance and elegance, according to your preferences.

Tuna tataki

Corporate events

I bring a new dimension to your team meals or your business dinners with refined menus and elegant cuisine that adapts to the requirements of each guest.

Cakes and desserts for all your occasions

Roquefort globe artichoke

Vegetarian and vegan options 

For all those who had taken upon them to try with their personal choice to minimize the damage that the intensive farming is causing to our planet I happily propose various vegetarian and vegan options. 

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